Whether you require a generalised reading or a much more detailed look at whats happening in your life? 

I also offer health readings or a reading to answer questions ...

In a reading I can determine, Physical Life Events, Matters of the Heart, Underlying Spiritual Issues, The Cause of Pain & Disease, Assist in the Tangled Areas of your Life, and help determine the 'Bigger Picture' to Create New Realities. You will receive a written translation.

COSTS: Basic €60, a generalised divination with specific questions

             A General Health Reading with Questions €70

             A more in depth reading with questions answered. €100.

             A Reading to determine, Underlying Spiritual Issues such as Sorcery, Spiritual Influence, Magical Attack                  or Parasitical Entity and much more: Using Special Alchemy Cards €120.        


The work involved is in co-operation of esteemed guardians and benevolent beings.

You will need to provide me with a Date of Birth, Birth Name and Place of Birth.

General Divination

€ 60.00 

Indepth Reading with Questions

€ 100.00 

Underlying Circumstances Reading

€ 120.00 

A special reading which establishes what the mystical or underlying problems which are impeding your well-being are? This reading looks beyond the physical and mundane issues to determine whether there are specific sinister causes at play in your life.

General Health Reading

€ 70.00