The Divine Mothers Iyami, sometimes talk in riddles, when they really want the magical elements of a message to become imbued. Therefore the best way is to relate to these dictates is to see how they affect you personally, and then mirror this back to the state of the world right now.

This Pertains more Personally

“Clever and curious Gemini is a sign that thinks fast, communicates  well, and is full of ideas – Their versatility and adaptability stem from their split personality – part intellect, part scatter-brained! The Twins are powered by information, and feel most at home when sharing thoughts and conversations with others.”

As the sign of the Twins, (Gemini is known for having two opposite personalities that converge in the one soul. They thrive on variety, as they are a mix of Yin and Yang; although, You’ll never know which of the twins will show up half the time, which can give others the impression of a fickle and restless nature. They have ample of energy, which can often misrepresent them as unfocused, but behind all superficial rush, there is a fascinating mix of logic, effusiveness and social charm.

What energies of your yin and yang are blocked? What areas do You need to focus on, to clear the vibrations? Or are You channelling too much of its energies, and forgetting to be balanced?

Identifying what we need to shed and let go of to help us ground into our earth star.

Venus is the planet of love, relationships, romance, harmony, emotional attachments, beauty and money. Its vibrations guide the way in which we approach, think and feel about love, the way we experience pleasure, how we act on our desires and needs of the heart, as well as the role money and finances plays in our lives. Venus is concerned with spreading happiness and compassion, socialising and our reliability to others; it teaches us how to love and appreciate others.

Venus is also responsible for the urges we have, it implores us to indulge in our senses, and to revel in the beauty of our world. This planet represents pleasure, contentment; she’s a goddess, charmer, graceful in action, cultured and above all, a lover.

She teaches us to be kind towards ourselves, especially at times where we could use a little extra self-compassion. Our shortcomings in this lifetime are the wounds we need to heal with tender care, rather than harsh and critical judgement.

The Control issues and fears, and the current state of emotions. What must die so we can move forward.

“You’re the reluctant sage! Your soul is calling out to You, it wants to be heard. Take time alone to connect with yourself again, you’re in need of solitude and space away from the world for reflection. Take time away from the madness, to just breathe, reset your sense in silence and rise above the material world. What soul expansion and epiphanies lie beyond the threshold are boundless. You owe Yourself the opportunity to explore new realms..” The demands that have been placed on you either by others or quite – often ourselves – giving you negligible time for reflection. Whether You have a gift for seeing the bigger picture or a gift for considering the smaller details, it’s time to shake it up and explore the opposite. You can’t just lock yourself away for fifteen minutes and expect to come up with profound, ground-breaking solutions . You need more seclusion, time to ponder, process and assimilate.

This is part of life’s current journey and the wisdom of your thoughts

“The little signs you’ve been noticing are sent from the heaves! The Divine has been leaving little clues around you as reminders and encouragement of the right path to take. You have also been receiving signs as validation for Your intuitive thoughts and vibrational patterns. Trust yourself, notice the signs you’ve been given, have faith, and follow your hearts desires. If you’ve been waiting for a sign, THIS IS IT, loud and clear!”

Take a moment to meditate on the intuitive messages you receive along side Your intentions to help you see the results you desire. Try and hold a space for the feelings of Your desires as long as You can throughout the meditation, as this is a powerful method of becoming a conscious co-creator with Divine.

Earths Current Cycle and Its Unfolding Journey for you

You have outgrown Your small dream of success and achievement and are ready to dream big, with possibilities beyond your wildest expectations. Take on the mantle of the Earth keeper, and reach out to a friend in need whom You may not have been in touch with for some time. Take care of Your pets, and feed the strays that come by. Clean up Your Yard, as this is a reflection of Your relationship to the Earth. Grow the sacred dream, and your personal life will flourish. Remember, it's not about “me” any longer.

There are great contributions found in partnership.

When the Earth symbol appears, it represents a need to focus on reverence and appreciation for the natural gifts that are coming to You now and always. The concrete world you inhabit is there by the grace of Spirit, and You are part of it. Much can be accomplished now when you focus on compassionate, reverent service to the world. If you act with integrity, gratitude, and humility; You will find yourself more prosperous than You can imagine. Success is assured when the Earth appears as an invitation.

Try to see the best possible, whether in an outcome or in a situation

The rainbow tells you that the end of the storm is near. Persevere, and remember that it is darkest just before the dawn. Do not give up hope; things are about to take a positive turn. Listen for the morning rooster that announces the coming of the dawn even while the night is still darkest. But do not claim victory Yet or let Your guard down fully. Don’t get caught in pursuit of the illusion of the pot of old at end of the rainbow. Find the treasure now, in the moment, by coming into right relationship with those around you.

Its time to follow you inspiration.

When Thunder comes into your reading, it refers to a big dramatic change that feels like a herd of wild bison on the run. You feel it right through Your bones, and You know that You are powerless to influence whatever events have been set in motion. This is a time to be prepared for anything. Your life is an adventure, and wonderful opportunities are arriving now. The trick is to learn to run with them. Qualities that you’ll need now more than ever are flexibility, dexterity, and a willingness to experience it all without dictating from where or in what form opportunities will come. Your destiny is arriving. Be ready!

Do you feel like unnecessary drama is waylaying your life? Could you be exhausted from listening to others tell You their never-ending victim story, or could you be telling yourself a version of the same? It’s time for an about-face; you’re being warned that to continue on this path will cause You to regret Your choices, even if they appear benign or familiar It’s time to say no to drama, both Yours and others’. Focus on solutions rather than problems. You are worthy of a drama-free life.

Look for a graceful pursuits

Message for the Planet Earth and its Inhabitants

The Mothers are issuing out a call to action, it is time to use your psychic gifts. Any healing which is required it is pertinent to find the healing now, you need to find your souls truth. As the winter approaches you are advised to rest, replenish and release any non-integrated guilt. The last part of this particular message says, Integrate any discordant energies, fears, control issues, so the awakening process can transition fully.

A Summary of Messages from the Mystics via a Metaphysical brief

·        We are urged to take a different approach to our perception and earth matters.

·        Then we will enjoy a beneficial outcome

·        This will expand the bigger picture and help the greater cause.

·        Then we can see perception begin to change via the collective.

The Assessment from the Gifts of Alchemical Change and High Magic

Oh how easy it is to doubt the presence of a spiritual guide, the alchemist. Falling into a moment of forgetfulness, feels alone in the laboratory of life and even begins to doubt their own work. Disarray and discontent follow. We ask, “Who do I listen to”, “Where do I turn for guidance?”. All the while the benevolent guide hovers close, waiting to be acknowledged, Waiting to be heard amidst the noise of the world. It whispers words of kindness and encouragement into the ears of the alchemist. Try and remember all the important guidance you have received at pertinent junctures of your life. The benevolent presence is constant not conditional. Now is not the time for struggle or fear. Soften the gentle humming of the wise bee. You cannot make a wrong choice when the spiritual guide is near.

A deeper message asks you to adopt true emphatic listening. It is a hallowed experience. It provides the rarest of gifts – which is a greater perspective. A liberating factor which allows you to go beyond your reality.

On some level we all know when we are going against nature. We recognise it in our feelings of impatience and agitation that arise when trying to force certain outcomes. Though in truth we cannot control, the uncontrollable. Nature has its way, enveloping us in a wild narrative that we can collaborate in but not dictate. No matter our efforts to manage every aspect of our lives, the mess ensues. Spring is soggy. The lotus requires the mud to grow. People do what they do. You are asked not to fight the flow of Mother Nature, or of destiny. Once we loosen the grip of what we think life should look like, a whole new realm of possibilities awakens. Now is the time to be radically open to what nature has in store for you.

Another part to the above message states: To be enticed by the sensational is to become a puppet on the string of another’s desire for their moment in the sun.

A sacred image in spirituality is the peacocks tail. A mesmerising display of tail feathers open to mark the awakened having  shifted from single to multi-perspective. This is a great achievement – as you have opened a thousand sets of eyes instead of just one. You have discarded black and white thinking and allowed the full spectrum of colours, nuances and solutions to come into the fold. Creative solutions to complex social and political polarities can be found in this sacred space. The force field of possibilities has opened, and you have entered a new paradigm belonging to multiplicity, dimensionality and inclusion. This utilises this perspective for positive change while it lasts. When falling back into black and white thinking as we are wanton to do, envision the splendour of the peacocks tail, each feather contains a shimmering universe of possibility.

The value of illusion is that it trains us step by step into comprehension of the unfathomable.

Just when you though it was safe to traverse the mystical path by yourself. A mystical sister appears. A dear friend or a sacred ally who holds you in their heart at this very moment. With their support you are able to do what you cannot do yourself. Between you exists an alchemical pact based on the ingredients of respect, honesty and unconditional love. Its as if you have known each other for lifetimes. You may have shared an experience from which you are always bonded. This archetype may come in any gender, age or form. One distinct characteristic of this mystical sister is that they practice the art of witnessing and listening. They have no need to judge, fix, or give advice. Presence is enough. When this card appears tend to the flame of friendship. So be a mystical support to another.

It is time that our perception changes.

Iyanla Bivinet Ashi