In some cases, or you can specifically request this while we clear your home & land. We can do specific work to bless and heal homes and land as well as the family who resides here. Blessings can also be incorporated for business and work. We can also begin to clear the land or home of bad spirits and or black magic if required

A Sacred Practise for Healing, Clearing and Cleansing the Home & The Land

It is well known that our physical body can become depressed, unbalanced or sick after holding onto extreme trauma, or emotions. The land on which we inhabit isn't any different. Our houses, work places or land also hold a energetic history. Everything that has taken place, not only within the bricks and mortar or on the land beneath them, will have an energetic imprint or impression left as a resonance in situ. Which if strong enough, may well affect those in residence now.

Incarcerate spirits, old energies or imprints left by negative memories and curses stay active until cleared.

Areas like these are renowned for holding onto heavy and negative energies and emotions, either from the present or past. Negative acts and toxic experiences produce an accumulation of harmful energies on the etheric levels. As these build up, tension increases until there is a need for a discharge. This can manifest from past events such as: accidents, unpleasant acts, murder or in more serious cases, a war, a famine or natural disaster. 

Mother Nature and her elemental aides do a great job in transmuting dark energy into light, but this can take time for the process to be congested and for the land to be cleared/healed. Mainly because as long as humans inhabit these spaces, then unfortunately we can add and feed the imbalance via a negative thought pattern.

Even the land we build and farm on may be the subject of a serious wrangle between families, or there may have been a traumatic incident, like battle or fighting connected to it. Emotions such as anger, ill-gotten gains, frustration, conflict or even a lengthy illness or long-held resentment can also affect these spaces. 

Whatever the negativity or energy that resides there, may be creating a pocket of bad luck, poor agricultural soil, or even creating sickness to those who inhabit or work on the land.

How do I know for sure if there is a problem?

You or others who live or work in this space may be experiencing feelings of nausea or general unrest or even a foreboding; there may be incidences of physical illness, depression, alcoholism, or even generational health problems, general unhappiness or even sudden character changes. On an everyday level we may be affected in even more subtle ways by the energy in our surroundings, such as quarrelling, poor sleep patterns etc and it is important to keep these areas in a positive and clear state as much as possible. 

Shamans have the tools to clear areas of negativity and those subject to family curses or argument. We do not purely use the method of space clearing as this is sometimes a quick-fix solution which doesn't last. 

Shamans find where the energy is located, contain it and send it to where it can be released, healed or transformed into positive energy, this leaves a lighter, freer and abundant location.

Land and/or House Healing and Clearing costs are dependent on size and area. Though an estimate will be given at the time of enquiry.


We are happy to travel to you, but areas outside of Co. Wexford will incur travel costs.

A divination is carried out to determine what the problem consists of.
A consultation with the homeowner
Shamanic methods to clear the problems.
Despacho offering to regain balance & harmony