Ayni applies Core Andean Shamanic techniques as well as some unique comprehensive healing processes that will align the Mental, Physical Emotional and Spiritual.

By working with both your EarthWalk experiences and interweaving with the mythical to determine the underlying problems... Shamanic Healing is an invitation to live fully present once again.

Andean Shamanism is effective when used to heal Depression, Anxiety, Physical & Sexual Abuse, Ancestral Curses, Low Energy, In-Fertility Issues, Behavior Patterns,  General imbalances and Dis-ease.


Mission Statement

Here at Ayni, we offer a blend of Core Andean Shamanic healing and Mystery teachings, allowing you to ‘let go’, of the life that holds you back. By pushing through all attachments and resistances. To gain knowledge via ability to fulfil your desired EarthWalk. By employing the practices of Core Andean Shamanism and Cosmology, and guidance from the Universal laws, that govern mankind.

Our role as Master Shamans is to create a bridge between the physical and non-physical worlds and to help drain the momentum accrued from life's negative experiences. Using Core, Andean healing practises that are proven and eminently affective as a modern healing alternative. Our Aim, is to help you to feel clearer and more energised. Leaving here with wonderful clarity to open your visions, and ready to align to your future destiny.

Our Core ANDEAN Services Include

  • Andean Shamanic Healing & Medicine Techniques To Heal, Harmonise And Transform Your Heart & Soul.
  • Andean Soul Retrieval (This is Process is Considered Part of Your Healing Journey, Never Performed in Isolation)
  • Ancestral Healing
  •     Clearing Karma from Past Lives
  • Healing For Infertility Issues, To Remove The blockages which Impair Fertility.
  • Healing Techniques to Remove: Black Magic Sorcery, Negative Or Toxic Attack
  • The Munay Ki. 
  • Healing And Clearing Your Home, Work space And Land Of Negative Energies, Curses & Bad Luck..
  • Earth Ceremonies
  • The Ayni School of Mystical Andean Shamanism
  • The Hanaq Pacha (Upper World) Mystery School.
One of our Teachers Dr Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society explains…

“It is important to differentiate between healing and curing. Curing is the business of medicine and has to do with eliminating symptoms. A cure will seldom ever result in a healing. Healing is a different concept. Healing works on four levels: the energetic; the mythic (the level of the soul); the psychological, where you can test out new beliefs; and the literal, where you can test out new behaviours, new diets, new yoga practices, new exercise routines.

We all know people who have been cured but who haven’t been healed; they've had the tumour removed or worked through their mother issues, but they haven’t changed their diet or eliminated the stressors of life. Generally their symptoms will come back—six months, or a year, or six years later”. Dr Alberto Viloldo

What is a Master Shaman?

'A Master Shaman is one who offers a full and comprehensive healing service. One who is experienced in their field of Shamanic practise and has been taught in both the physical and non-physical realms. He/She supports you every step of the way, on your healing journey. A Master Shaman holds no fear in facing whatever is presented to them and they are used to the heaviness attached to wound's and experiences. 

Here at Ayni we term ourselves as 'Runnas'. A Runna is a light being who has incarnated here to help humanity heal and to bring balance and justice. 

As you embark on your healing journey the Shaman and the Client enter into a sacred contract together using intention to create a magical space where possibility can enter!


Using a blend of Andean Shamanism & Cosmology And MYSTERY SCHOOL TEACHINGS as transformation Medicine for the Heart & Soul... 

For more details go to the Ayni School of Mystical Andean Shamanism Tab.

School Begins February 2019, Now in Progress!


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Whether you are interested in shamanism, becoming a shaman or not this book is captivating. Julie, a modern-day shaman and medicine woman, drawsa from her own experiences and insights to reveal the mysteries behind the term shaman. Not only that but she also helps to reveal the pitfalls of modern living and how you can start the healing process for yourself.

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I am a contributing Author in both of these books on Shamanism. Both available on Amazon and other book suppliers.

"At Ayni our priority is to provide a safe environment. Where you feel free to share your story and release the wounds that have bound you in a state of negative expression and repeat patterns"...

Our Intention is to facilitate your body's own ability to self heal.. As Master Shamans, We are gifted and blessed to offer some unique healing processes. And we look forward to meeting you.. 

With Love and Energy from 

Iyanla Bivinet Ashi & TruthSayer

County Wexford Ireland

Mobile: 083 472 9056

Email: iyanlabivinet@yahoo.com