Good morning Julie,
I hope you're well and that the sun is shining kindly in your beautiful patch of the world!
I don't know what it was that you removed, or released, or repaired the last time I saw you but the change is genuinely incredible. I've never felt more grounded, or stronger, and the effects it's having on my life is so exciting.
Just have to say a million times: thank you so much
I’ve just spent 3 amazing days with this beautiful master shaman, I feel lighter than I ever have before ,more whole healed and ready to start my life afresh free of restrictive wounds ,healed with love and wisdom ,thank you Jules and Paul you feel like blessed family ,I don't know what led me to your door ,taking flights and coaches ,but I will be eternally grateful that I did ,blessings to you both ,your courage in the face of a fight with ,,,,,@,@@ amazed me ,I thought at one stage you might abandon me ,,,,but you stayed and fought thank you from my heart x BC UK

Aoife Harkness

When I first went to Julie I was Unsure if she would be able to help me and I really was only going as it was recommended tome to go for a shaman healing. The previous 3 years I had been actively trying to overcome my chronic fatigue .I had been to healers etc. I had worked with an amazing Lady who helped me nutritionally but I could never get past a certain level and I had resigned myself to just living with and managing my fatigue .I have had a number of sessions over a few months and my energy has improved massively .I not only have higher energy but it is sustained no major energy crashes .I have been able to do things that i hadn't been able to do for years .I even been able to go to a Christmas party for the first time in years and it didn't affect me ,in the past if i was at a social event for an hour or so It would take a week to get over it ! But it wasn't just my energy that improved ,things started to happen in my life for the better and I could see a future for me .I would recommend any to Julie to everyone who felt the needed some support and healing. She is a wonderful Lady with a huge heart and a amazing healing ability.
Dear Julie , I just wanted to say thank you for the last 2 days, for keeping us safe & protected as we faced our biggest demons .Your energy felt loving and maternal and your presence ever so reassuring and both felt the great comfort by it.... GF Dublin
Hi Julie,Just a quick note for now - I am writing to thank you (again!) for your lovely work with me a couple of weeks ago. It really meant a lot to me, and I truly felt that something had changed when I left. I will be in touch! Blessings to you and Paul, From MP USA
Julie! Thank you! Yesterday was such a beautiful and transformative day. Thank you for always' JB Wexford
Great tracking thanks for your help
The Munay Ki was received in such a loving and sacred space, it has transformed my life... my purpose has now realigned itself CH
I feel so blessed to have met you, and I thank-you for helping me heal in such a safe space, JS Dublin
A fully fledged Shaman as of today. Its been an incredible journey, a huge experience in the world of spirit. Thank you Master Shaman Julie Dollman of Ayni Healing and 4directions for sharing the knowledge of the Qero Shamans in Peru. I am blessed. Thank you. Ah Hoh". FNF Co Wexford
Thank you so so much for coming to us and giving such powerful sweet deep sessions to our souls. I feel a beautiful shift with J and I. Words won't quiet convey what gratitude I feel. Thank you.
So all I can do is send blessings on your day.
Amazing inspiring gentle woman.
Excellent work
Xxxxx G Dublin
I'm just checking in to say hello, and that I honestly can't thank you enough for your help.
Its weeks later and I still feel so much better! The freedom! I can't explain or get over how much clarity it has afforded me! Thank you and I sincerely look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks. Wholehearted thanks, DW Dublin
Today had a fantastic shamanic healing session with Julie Dollman - it's my second one with her and I could not recommend her highly enough... very good work she does, plus she makes great cake too!" LP CORK


I can totally recommend this we are all bringing things from our ancestors through at this time !! Powerful healing I'm so glad I decided to take up this opportunity