Graduates of The Four Winds Society since 2005


The shaman in tribal cultures is the person who sees into the sacred world. The shaman brings their sacred visions of ancient spirits and power animals out as ritual. By this ritual process, most similar to prayer, and imagery, the shaman heals themselves, others, and the earth. By having visions of healing, and doing sacred ritual, the shaman makes the visions come true. The shaman manifests reality in the outer world, from the visionary world. That is the same way the world was created from Her vision. We are all Her vision on earth.


Now in our early 60s, we have shared and experienced an incredible spiritual adventure. We have walked the path of shaman and healer for over 15 years and have arrived at a wonderful peaceful place of understanding and with that comes wisdom.

The Andean Mystery Teachings and healing practices that we share with you have been honed from a deep understanding and practical application, used daily as part of our Andean healing practice.

Having traversed the mysteries? is the wisdom we share and it is worn like a badge of honour… it takes years of living and experiencing whilst entrenched in a modern-day western society. We have both walked a well-worn path of conformity and capitalism, finally reaching a much-needed wake-up call in 2006. From that point onward, we have learned our craft with many, many teachers from all manner of spiritual genres.

We walked with open-hearts and open minds to learn from incredible Master shamans, Paqos and Alta Mesayouks and Chacarunas from Peru. We have also shared knowledge and had discussions with Jesuit Priests, Yogis and other Wisdom sharers. We have received extensive tutoring in Core Andean and Aymaran Shamanism and are full mesa carriers taught personally by Dr Alberto Villoldo of The Four Winds Society.

We were extremely honoured to have received our Karpay transmissions from Don Sebastian and Dona Maria, themselves and Julie (Iyanla) is a initiated Chacaruna, Aymara Tradition.

We work fully in service to humanity and Pachamama and in accordance to our spiritual lineages. We heal and teach using a range of unique and powerful inspirational practises, learned via the Qero and Aymara Shamans.

We have been teaching here in Co. Wexford for over six years now. These teachings come from a deep place of practical knowledge, wisdom and love. Why?... because each and every one of us is Sacred. We are spiritual beings experiencing a human existence.

However, many people living on this Earth, have become lost and locked down; buried deeply within the trials, tribulations and wounds of modern-day life; very often completely disconnected from the very things that ignite passion and hope in us.

Manifestation is the key to all of the wisdom that we share. It is the very life force of our inner beings and comes directly from the divine to create itself in the present. The understanding of our teachings is simple… In order to reconnect to the gifts of Sacred Manifestation, we must change our perceptions, behaviours and belief systems.

These are the lessons that we are offering at our Ayni School of Mystical Andean Shamanism and in our healing clinic, we are here to guide and show you the way.

Iyanla (Julie) is a Master Shamanic Practitioner and Healer; she offers healing relief and opens the doors to possibility for her clients who come from all over the world. Iyanla has a long ancestry. She was one of the original mothers who came to seed Earth, her spiritual DNA comes from Iyami. Her past lives have taken her through many life-times including, Iyami, Lemuria, working with Imhotep the healer, and via Qero, Druid, Dogon Shamanic lifetimes.

As an Iyami, she works from the Inner core of the Mother, and her aim is to work with injustice, and help restore balance to the world. She also works with conflict resolution and karmic issues as well as clearing negative dark forces. She works as a conduit for alchemical change and transformation...

She is the author of Living Shamanism, Unveiling the Mystery. She has written for several esoteric magazines and offers many healing modalities, she is also a contributory author to 'What is Shamanism' & 'Shamanic Transformations'. She has just finished writing her 2nd book; 'We are Iyami, we are Sacred', awaiting a publisher.

Paul, her husband and life partner is an Ancient Wisdom Keeper; an amazing Seer and Tracker, one who can unfold the mystery of a client’s wounding and blockages. Paul is a Master Water Shaman, whose lineage spreads back as far as Sirius, Atlantis and Egypt.

He is a tribal wood artist, carving and creating ceremonial and healing staffs using wood gifted to him by Mother Nature. Each piece comes with its own story, whether it is from the location it was gifted or the important insights for the client’s ongoing work. Paul reveals the alchemy while he journeys to find the wood’s hidden messages. He receives his guidance via direct communication with Great Spirit. He has a unique ability for tracking the energy and healing needed for his clients and he loves to infuse his work with the magic of living energy. Paul is an artist who works with the magic and organising principles of living energy.

Together they bring these magical and transformational principles of living energy, to transform the inner self whilst teaching you how you can truly understand the co-creative principles of living energy and ceremony whilst finding and utilising your own inner potential to dream the possible.