Are you having problems conceiving?

Maybe this will come as a surprise, but often when you find you have problems with getting pregnant; it isn’t always a physical one as there is sometimes a spiritual or even ancestral reason, that requires healing.

Here at Ayni we have had some success in helping couples who are experiencing fertility problems, especially where physical problems are not involved. To date out of ten people who have come to me with this problem, eight now have children, some of whom went on to have more than one child. In truth the remaining two who didn't conceive, after experiencing healing found out that having children in this life, wasn’t for them anyway.

During the consultation we can understand and discover whether the emotional or psychological problems are further preventing you from becoming pregnant. This procedure may involve separate or joint consultations with both partners, as sometimes the reason may be related to either the masculine or feminine line.

The time spent undergoing shamanic healing until the time of conception is a non-intrusive process, ensuring at all times you are cared for and with respect.

There are many reasons why? Conceiving has not yet manifested. Sometimes its a lifestyle, sometimes it maybe a physical problem. Other-times it maybe due to early life trauma, or a soul contract which has been made. during the consultation your Shaman will track to see what it is that is blocking you... or your partner (remember there are two souls who are involved in bringing a child into this world)

Questions to ask yourself are:

Are We both really ready to bring a child into the world?

Am I prepared to change that which no longer serves me?

if my lifestyle is proving to be a problem, can I change my diet, busi-ness or social habits?

Am I prepared to heal the past and let go of the emotional wounds?

Please be aware this process may require healing work specifically for the Female


10 ML

Uses: This is beautiful anointing oil originated from an ancient blend of oils used in the early time of Yeshua. It was historically used when a couple joined together on their wedding night, and when used it will stimulate the light body, before making unconditional love.

Used for removing energy connected to past loves and old relationships, this oil will ‘make things new again’

This oil is perfect for couples undergoing tantric workshops, or for those in new relationships. It is also a perfect accessory for the wedding night, as a way to honour the commitment made during your wedding ceremony

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15 ML

This oil accompanies your fertility healing programme. Buy with the Sacred Blessing Oil. Includes postage

This gorgeous oil is to be used in conjunction with the Sacred Blessing Oil. Ensure you use this oil before the Blessing oil and before making love. This fertility oil is for anyone experiencing difficulty in getting pregnant. This oil has been blended to encourage the possibility of fertility.

€ 15.00