Conversations With Our Divine Mothers Iyami December 2022

Iyanla Bivinet





South – Letting go and What needs to be shed. What impacts or what aides your grounding and solidity on earth. Represents Mother Earth.

Fate is positive in this case, it’s letting you know that You’re in sync with the Universe! So pay attention to synchronicities now so you can understand what it’s trying to tell you. Try to align with Your destiny by observing the sequence of events that have led You to this moment of Your life. It’s important to be aware that in nearly all instances, we do make a contribution in some way to what is happening in our lives. It 1s rare for things to “just happen” or for us to be a truly blameless “victim” in a situation, Just take responsibility and accept your contribution to the situation You’re facing, hold Yourself accountable to Your Higher Self and no-one else, then move on.

West – Our Fears, Our control issues, what is dying off and emotional and feeling state. What aides or impacts flow in life?

Waning Gibbous Moon is a time to harvest, and a time begin renewal. A time to review all Your endeavours, correcting any mistakes You made along the way of teaming , to realign with Your purpose. Settle Your disputes, and make amends as this phase of the Moon brings energies of heightened communication, revelation and completion. It deals with subconscious enlightenment leading to clarification of conscious values. You might enhance your self-knowledge by methodically uncovering your deepest limiting beliefs at this time. Start to work on removing obstacles. Give thanks for what has been achieved.

North Direction – It’s all about the journey through life, and how you are sustained. This is the direction of wisdom coming in. How are the energies of thoughts and the spoken or written words affecting the journey

Manifest yourself as blessed at this time! It’s giving You an opportunity to pull your attention to focus in on what You truly desire, and wanting to manifest, You’ve attracted this because you hold deep-seated desires that are yet to surface in regard to Your question or situation. Perhaps they are unspoken, or dreams of unrealised potential. The positive energetic vibrations of what you desire have already shot powerful rockets out into the Universe a while ago) Know that all that you want is already in vibrational existence. You’ve already unconsciously complete the first step)

East Direction – The direction of transformation and rebirth and shows what is coming into fruition. Fire can be both transmutational and destructive. This shows what is coming in or what is being destroyed.

It’s at this time a Child of The Universe discovers masculine principle representative of structure and authority. As the Child explores, he learns that there are patterns to his world – objects respond in predictable ways. A new kind of pleasure can be experienced that comes from discovering order amongst the chaos Here, he encounters rules, guidelines, restrictions, but through patient direction of the masculine energies, he is finally able to navigate and understand purpose. Sometimes mind over heart is necessary, even though it’s not always welcomed.


What is happening throughout your Earth walk?

When the Earth symbol appears, it represents a need to focus on reverence and appreciation for the natural gifts that are coming to You now and always. The concrete world You inhabit is there by the grace of Spirit, and you are part of it. Much can be accomplished now when you focus on compassionate, reverent service to the world. If You act with integrity, gratitude, and humility, You will find yourself more prosperous than You can imagine. Success is assured when the Earth appears as an invitation.

Take time to read the signs the environment is showing you?

The healer must undergo their own healing in order to reveal their souls truth.

The ancestors have a message of healing and a powerful medicine to offer you. Create a sacred moment at your altar, light a candle to them, and let their wisdom infuse You. At this stage in your life, You are done repeating their tragic stories. Step into the abundance that is offered to you, receive the gifts of those that have come before you, and write a new story for your life.

Look backwards at those patterns of experience which come from nowhere? As they most likely come from a past life? Let go of anger and bring forth forgiveness.

It is time to rise once more about mediocracy?

The Seer invites you to trust your intuition and follow it as it leads you forward. You may feel lost when it appears that your hunch is taking You in circles, or even through a maze, but the Hidden Realms don’t follow the rules of a two-dimensional map. Trust Your gut, and allow Your perception of Your circumstances to widen to include the nuances and subtle cues that You normally miss if you take things at face value. The Seer has gifted you with his magi Yow are exactly where You’re supposed to be. Your vision is clear.

What you ned right now is vitality and finding ways to increase your energy? Break free from addictions and watch out for any pressure on your nervous system.

The Sacrifice asks that You offer to Spirit that which is most precious to you. Your offering will be sanctified and returned tenfold! You will be elevated to the altar at which You have been praying and meet the “divine at the table with the heavenly feast. You are a welcome guest in this banquet. Your heart is the only worthy offering you can bring. Life has been generous with you in so many ways!

Again you are asked to begin to interpret subtle information? Its all about communication and exploring new states of consciousness where you will find unlimited potential.

The Rattle comes to invite You to work with the tools of Spirit, but be careful they are very sharp and can hurt you and others if they are not used mindfully. Set your old tools aside, and take up the drawing instruments of Spirit. You are consciously stepping into partnership with the divine. This is the time for courageous deeds. Do not let your hesitation get in the way of Your expression.

Release all past expectations now. As not all wanderers are lost! Instead clear the way for opportunities.


· You require an instinctual nature to discern and know right now

· The cycles are still incomplete at this time, earth is still in its process right now.

· Loose ends are still loose

· Always come from your heart and a place of compassion and love

· It is time to take a different approach, to your life and to the collective experience.


Alchemical magic for guidance, transformation and change or to further your earth walk.

The tongue knows vinegar. Even the suggestion of receiving a few drops into the mouth reminds Us of Vinegar’s sour and lip puckering … In Alchemy, vinegar serves as an active agent for distillation, fermentation and preservation. It is incredibly useful when applied in the right amounts and with intention. This said it can be easily overused, overwhelming the situation at hand! When vinegar is present in a reading it indicates a sour note permeates the Laboratory. It is likely something from the past showing up on the present and demanding our attention. It is in vinegar’s nature to take over and to overwhelm. Be cautious with this material. A little goes along way as they say it is productive to look at your past, but not to stare such is the complex energy of vinegar.

But be assured that there is time for everything to flow once more.


Chiron is a cosmic enigma. In Greek mythology he is said to be the rejected son of Saturn who through the pain of abandonment becomes a great teacher and healer. Such is the paradoxical nature of this minor planet. It demonstrates that our pain is a great resource – it will guide us to our deepest purpose if we are able to observe it slowly, gently and with support. Chiron appears to let you know you are being called to deepen the work, to delve into the tender parts of yourself that require patience and forgiveness, Victim mentality will get you nowhere. You are past blaming. It is time to let your painful experiences serve as a beacon of light to others. Chiron reminds us where we have been and where that allows us to go.

The division between inner and outer space is merely imagined, in truth everything is possible.

Pluto’s realm is one of deep and undeniable power. Known as the planet of the underworld, Pluto has a captivating effect that pulls us into its depths, leading to all things excessive and Dionysian in nature. Images of resurrection, possession, the sacred heart, birth, sex and death are all symbols of Pluto’s volatile energy. When Pluto comes to visit know that everything will be amplified as if through a live wire. Its all about power and maybe even addiction. Though Pluto’s force field can be ruthless this tiny planet pushes us toward necessary growth. When we follow its mesmerizing pulse we are taken into the depths to be changed. There’s no point in pretending the underworlds is not at work. Admit that you’re in it and find the support you need. Not making it worse is a big accomplishment.

It is not rejection which should concern us, it is acceptance. Especially when we seek approval from others? As in seeking you become bound to those of whom you seek approval and to their expectations of you!!

Neptune is the mystics planet, and it is where the Mothers gather, to make their communications. Its transcendent energy projects toward the heavens. Neptune shows us the archetype of the seeker is activated and doorways to new dimensions begin to open. A voice whispers from beyond the earthly plane, perhaps calling you not a pilgrimage or new spiritual practice, or you may experience a meditative bliss beyond your wildest dreams. Divinity has arrived, whether you call it nirvana, samadhi, enlightenment or just good old serenity. Amidst your spiritual awakening remember that ultimately the work is not about you, The work is about what’s bigger than you, stay grounded in that reality and you’re likely to avoid Neptune’s pitfall of narcissism and escapism. History shows us examples of spirituality turned madness so keep your woo-woo tendencies in balance with a little selfless service.

As we evolve into spiritual maturity, life, death, ascension are realised to have been the incubation chambers of individualisation.

Now it is the turn of the message from Uranus, as we are in for a surprise not in the outer world but in ourselves. What wasn’t possible before is possible now, thanks to Uranus and its ability to shatter our preconceptions. This shift in perspective or identity brings newfound freedom and opens up dormant energy. This may be experienced as a long awaited aha moment or a sudden stroke of genius. Inventions and innovations are born under Uranus energy. It may even shows us what is particularly unique about ourselves or another. A seemingly random or idiosyncratic quality may end up being the secret ingredient needed for something important. As Uranus energy isn’t sustainable, we need to show up each day whether or not Uranus calls.

It is not form that is an illusion, but the separation of form from its source.