Price on Application


As a guardian child of the Divine Mothers, I now work with the scales of karma through the Mothers and Oludumare. After personal initiation, I now serve with the karmic board to clear your karmic matrix.
This is a unique ceremony which I have the ability to do. Your soul will be called to have this done and after a quick test, I can identify if this is possible and timely for this to be achieved on your behalf.
The ceremony is done in private and in person or remotely, under the direct will of the Divine Mothers.
Please do not waste my time, or request this on a whim. It is a deeply profound service, one that is soul-led and serious.
This service is an ancient clearing. The work carried out is conducted in the realm of sacred law.


For more deeper & profound services please go to Iyanla Bivinet Ashi website

What is the karmic matrix?

Karma is accumulated over lifetimes. Some karma is negative or dense . Created by your actions and behaviours, or by negative interactions with other people which are carried forward through lifetimes.These codes are stored in a matrix within your soul . It also affects your current day to day living and experiences.

How can it affect me?

You may experience unbearable negative repeat patterns. Or you maybe susceptible to blockages and stagnation which is immovable. Maybe you experience constant bad luck or debilitating illnesses. Karma could also be responsible for family or generational curses.

How do I know my karma is affecting me?

A simple test can determine this. But your life will bring you to consider karma sludge is a problem.

Isn't karma worked through on death?

Yes it is if its a normal karmic load that was created by life. But if over lifetimes this karma was repeated and accumulated or you were unable to learn the lessons. Or it involves previous lifetimes working with dark arts or with evil people. Then it needs a special clearing.

Will I be safe?

Absolutely. Everything is explained and all work is carried out in sacred space.