It is a pleasure to introduce you to a new mystery school, one created especially for the Golden Age, The Age of Aquarius. Unlike other modern day mystery schools, the prospectus and teaching have come directly from the divine cosmic mothers and lumineries of the stars and the havens.
This Mystery School will be taught via an Online Teaching Platform.


The Divine Cosmic Mothers have created the organic unfolding of a plan and necessary lessons of the Mystery School of the Path of Purity & Truth. It was delivered after what has been a difficult year, which saw the Divine Mothers engaged in battle with the forces of the dark, who have been trying to supress the Mothers Children and the Holy Lineages present on earth today. After the 21st December 2020, a relief, a sacred breath returned and we did not feel the burden of the dark as heavily as before. 

The Divine Mothers say now is the time to undertake a journey and it begins by navigating the ether with words and experiences to 'KNOW THYSELF' and to learn how to work with the principles of the Mystery Schools.

The Mystery Schools teach the students firstly to understand where causation comes from. Then you are no longer salable to lower entities ot energies. Here at the Mystery School of the Path of Purity & Truth you will learn how to work with the energies of Aquarius (the Golden Age) now, through the five levels of Divine teachings from the high libraries which will include, Knowing, Practice, Correspondences, & Aligning to Destiny. 

And via ascend through the three degrees of Initiation, Learning how to Wield Divine Power by understanding the alchemical magic of the past earthly masters.  

The time is now, to get ready and evolve throughout the portals of the mysteries. Those which have been hidden from mankind for aeons. As the journey begins by knowing thyself, as Socrates once penned. This expansive journey explores the histories of all the ancient worlds, by exploring the several cycles of mans creations through the different rounds of the 'Garden of Edens'. Urging an understanding of how the past annals of time impact us today. As the student progresses throughout the online lessons and by doing their own research. The student will also master how to communicate with their Star and Ancient Lineages and effectively understand the responsibility of welding divine power here on earth now, as we imbue the ways of the Golden Age.

Lookout for more information and to register your interest over at the website of the Mystery School at: