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the ayni mystery school


We work via the shamanic four directions and through the elements of nature throughout this course. This is open to all who are willing and ready to explore their spiritual journey.
Are you ready to become a Master?

Our Mission for the Ayni mystery school is...

To: aid the student to bring physical and mental balance to their inner and outer worlds and to gain deeper insights to understanding the many levels of consciousness!
Here at our school we do want to teach followers.... We Teach  MASTERS!

THE ayni mystery school


The Shaman is one who embodies innate power to both control and influence heavy and light energies or emotional states. Tracking illness and misfortune to its cause. This practice is more affiliated with Northern Europe and Siberian shamans. Using altered states of consciousness to bridge realities.

A Mystic is one who can communicate directly with Deity and the other forces who control the Universe. The Mystic seeks a contemplative state and surrenders to obtain truths which are beyond the construct of the ordinary mind. Absorbing into and working directly with nature and the natural world. The Mystical shaman seeks a more profound and personal experiential path to be able to integrate with the ‘other’ realms via the ‘Tree of Existence’ or ‘World Tree’.

The term Shamanistic means to blend a range of tools of shamanic practice.

Our intention is to offer you as Student Initiate many life-changing healing & spiritual experiences which will be gently facilitated by experienced Andean healers, spiritual teachers, and modern-day medicine men and women Jules and Paul who are graduates from The Four Winds Society Class of 2005. Jules and Paul have been continuing in healing practice and teaching for over ten years now. 


Julie wrote about her experiences and journey as a modern medicine woman in her book, 

Your journey is designed to focus on the deepest spiritual aspects of the Andean Mystic culture, connecting you to the loving and compassionate Pachamama (Mother Earth) to communing with Inti Father Sun and the Sacred Apus, through native indigenous wisdom teachings initiation rites & sacred healing & ceremony.

We work via the shamanic four directions and through the elements of nature throughout this course. This is open to all who are willing and ready to explore their spiritual journey.




A deposit of €150 is required to reserve your place, at the school, and  refunded when all 5 classes have been completed

The Programme includes:

The Andean Spiritual World and Pachamama  & GAIA (MOTHER EARTH) and Becoming a Being of light (A Mystical Shaman). 

Building a Mesa Bundle, this is a portable altar comprising of 13x Khuyas or Energy Stones. The Mesa is the primary mysticism tool. It represents one’s own world in sacred balance. When the Mesa is opened, dynamic forces become activated to help attain reciprocal exchange and balance, for the owner or to help heal others. The Mesa holds within it a localised power infused with life form and harnessed for healing and communication.

These khuyas are programmed via the Shamanic four directions and the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Shedding the energy of past trauma and negative events from Youth to Adulthood. Working within the darkness of the inner subconscious, to decompose and face the death of the old, outdated patterns. Attaining balance and wisdom, and new tools to navigate the future with. Becoming a being of light via your own regeneration and rebirth into a light worker. Building a flexibility of character, one able to access the complementary energies of nature and the natural world, and the Four Directions. The Rites of the Andean Tradition Tools learned and worked with:

Journeying, Visualization, Ceremony, Andean Rites, Healing the Seven Sanctuaries of Self, Making Prayers and communication with the Higher world and the Natural World, Fire, Creating offerings. Working with Pachamama (Mother Earth), Clearing and Cleansing the Energy body,

Healing your ancestry and learning how to communicate with your ancestors to avail of their guidance for you in this life.


ayni school of energy healing

  • Tracking Energy

  • The Illumination Healing Process, replacing heavy energy with light.

  • Crystallised Energy Extractions

  • Andean Soul Retrieval

  •  Removing Energy Parasites

  • Fluid Entity Extractions

  • Underworld Extractions

  • Egg Cleanse & Kuti Cleanse

 €150 PER CLASS – CERTIFICATED  on the production of CASE STUDIES

runa (light being) one-off classes

The program Prospectus includes:
  • Space Clearing & Healing for the Home, Land & Office

  •  Working with Negativity & Sorcery,  

  •  Ceremonial Structure & Processes

  • The Death Rites, healing the soul before it leaves this life.

  • How to work with the Mesa

  • Andean Initiation Rites (Various)

COST: €150 per class

progressive master classes

The program Prospectus includes:

The Initiation of the 7 Nusta Goddesses

Seven Classes working solely outside within Mother Earths Power Places. To Integrate the forces of the Nusta Goddesses and their teachings

COST: €150 per class
DEPOSIT of €100 Paid for Supplies

for anyone

The program Prospectus includes:

Personal Andean Vision Quests - SUMMER/AUTUMN

A private healing and intuitive vision quest, carried out within the Nusta/Orisha Temples. This quest is led by a pre-prepared divination which guides you through your quest of 4.5 hours outside (with cover).  It is a soecial time to be with yourself and gain the insights and healing needed. 

COST: €200  

Dear New Prospective Student or Graduates Prior to 2020.

We have been teaching Andean Shamanism for five years, having offered the teachings of Dr Albert Villoldo of the Four winds Society. Though we loved them, it was a dream to teach the pure core teachings of the Andean shaman and not a westernised version.

Last year, that dream materialised after studying and visiting Peru, to learn from Qero (Mountain shamans) and Aymara Lake Titicaca female lineage) shamans. We offered the purity of these beautiful teachings for the first time. They were beautiful and powerful. Having been received by both New and some previously graduated students as both life changing and profound.

We now offer them again beginning the end of August 2020.These teachings are for anyone... Those who are new to shamanism and want to study a more mystical shamanic path. And for students trained by us (prior to 2019) and those who have trained in other shamanic modalities. Do not fear that you will not already know enough to join us either. Because we teach in small groups and are on hand to explain and help everyone experience the work. This work is for anyone. Especially those who want to take their own personal spiritual practice to a deeper level of understanding.This year there are two certificated programs. We have separated the Medicine Healing Techniques into a new course. So we can concentrate on these core healing teachings separately and more in-depth This program is booked for the year, though class payments are split with a deposit the month before the class date and the balance is paid on the day of class.For full details email me at iyanlabivinet@yahoo.com or message me here on FB. Or text me on 083 472 9056 Booking a place is essential,

Here at the Ayni our policy is this... We offer a unique way of teaching and one purely experiential. Everything we offer will be experienced via the physical, psychological or mental, emotional and the spiritual. 

We offer you a safe, warm space where you can openly share your story, during class forum and talking circle. We also offer you peace and privacy if that too is what you wish. There will never be any times where you are judged or ridiculed for how you feel.

Our school will be the forerunner for a tribe and community of like-minded seekers and souls, who are joining us to head into the mystery of Andean shamanism and cosmology.

We will always open our hearts and arms to welcome you into class... There will also be ongoing support offered via our Facebook group page.

You can book privately for further healing sessions or counselling with either one of us.

The Ayni school of Mystical Shamanism has been a long-held dream for us both to offer help, love and support during these often difficult and turbulent times.

With deep love and Gratitude

From us both x


The school collects a deposit of 50%, the month before each class begins. The remainder is payable on the day. This deposit is non-refundable.

Please Note: If you cancel a class within 24hrs of class schedule, you will be charged at full class cost.

Beverages and biscuits will be available throughout the day. There is a cafe onsite offering roasted sandwiches and cakes, with coffee and specialty teas

Booking is essential as places are limited to twelve or less, depending on class
For Booking and Enquiries please call me on  083 472 9056  

or email me on iyanlabivinet@yahoo.com or fill in the contact form on this page.

The Ayni School of Mystical Shamanism is located in: 

Co Wexford.

What our Students Say about the School

Hi Jules and Paul , It is Beautiful that you and the tribe has taken me under your wings and given me the knowledge that for long my ancestors have been trying 2 pass on , I couldn't have found a nicer tribe 2 study with thank you for passing your your wisdom knowledge
Thank you so much Jules and Paul! What an amazing day on Sunday. I was surprised at how emotional it felt having the rites done. And what an amazing course! I can honestly say it has changed my life. I have difficulty finding words to express my gratitude to you both. Huge, huge thanks and big love
Thank you Julie and Paul for the wonderful gathering and celebrations on Saturday and also Sinead and the Murphy's! It was lovely to be with you all surrounded with love and light blessings
Thank you Paul & Julie for holding another wonderful day with a lovely group, I really enjoyed it, looking forward to November xx