Bridging the Ether to gain healing and insights to help you move beyond your current paradigm.

You can still make an appointment to see me in person. And to clear negative forms and unwanted energies from you home and land. 

Remote Healing Session

€ 100.00 

A Remote healing session to reveal a deeper unravelling of your blockage and dis-ease. Accompanied by a report and detailed look at what is impeding your wellness.

Revealing your Life & Fate Path

€ 100.00 

An indepth Divination to reveal several aspects: Your current path of Fate including the lessons your need to learn and those which are causing conflict. Along with a reading to reveal your Life Path over the next 12 months.

Reading & Revelations from the Divine Mothers Iyami

€ 100.00 

A Highly evolved divination, revelations from the Divine Mothers is a concise method of divination to unlock your potential to discover a specific direction and focus for you to move forward, channelled from the higher heavens of Iyami.