Posted by Iyanla Bivinet Ashi on Saturday, October 8, 2022

Introduction for the Council of Light Beings

For Humanity

Long since have the majority of humanity been consigned to sleeping awake. Taking the path of illusion over an expanded mystery which has and always been available for each and everyone of us. Now is the time!, it is the time to put aside outmoded misconceptions of a limited view of what it is to be human and to live here on earth. For now, we step forward and claim the birth rights of our spiritual lineages, whether we have hailed from Ancient earth, Royal Fey, Shamans, Magicians, Mystics, Force of Nature Beings,  Star seeds, Ancient Priests, Priestesses, Masters, Teachers of Super-Goddesses or a mixture of all? We elected to come here to earth now for this particular time. As we leave the Kali Yuga and head forward into the Golden Age.

Though this will be a turbulent and unsettled time, it is now the Divine Mothers Iyami (Founders of the Stars and humanity, wish to speak to us. After receiving a directive from the Most High, to aide those spiritually awakened. Sharing not only pertinent guidance to help our human selves, navigate this transition better. As well as helping certain lineages and councils of light beings, further the mandates of helping Pachamama at this time.

We are all rising, stepping forward now to move into a place of service and action, we may not even have the wherewithal of complete directives and knowledge of what our role is in all this? And, it doesn’t matter, because embedded within each and every spiritual lineage has always been codices timed for activation at particular times, throughout our lives.

We are the ones we have been waiting for

It is funny (though not funny haha), as each and every soul awakened at differing times of life. We felt safe and secure in a bubble of purple haze, it felt good to leave our earthly cares and woes behind. As we dallied into the crystal kingdoms, yet this has been all well and good! Look at it as a training ground for what is about to come? It is no longer pertinent to await a saviour or even a second coming who can save us all from the shadow. Why? Because it is we, who are the ones we have been waiting for.

No more sitting back, reading book after book, or attending class after class, which has served a sacred purpose to help awaken these codes hidden within our DNA… We are ready and willing, along with the Divine guidance from Iyami Osorongo, to do the work to help humanity, because this is the life-time we have elected to come into human form, to have the experiences and to be in sacred service to Pachamama, our cosmic Mother and Gaia our Earth Mother and all the Mothers and Goddesses of the elements.

Are you ready to rise and stand tall?