The Qarpay Transmission & Protection Ceremony

Pure Qero Lineage Ritual

I remember very well the time I received the Qarpay from my Mentors Don Sebastian & Dona Maria. The whole day was an incredible experience, one that quite literally changed my whole life... for the better. The experience and what I felt was like nothing I had ever experienced before, the power & beauty as well as the impeccable process that was offered, literally left me speechless. To see how my life changed, then read all about it in my first book Living Shamanism, Unveiling the Mystery. Now I offer this beautiful experience to you. The process is conducted in ceremony and consists of:

  • An Energetic Cleansing, releasing heavy energy from your being.
  • The Protection Ceremony, Protective Bands are woven within your energy body.
  • A Healing Despacho Ceremony, to release anything that stands in your way, whether it is a healing need, or a persona kl request for change. 
  • Karpay Transmission.