Here at the Ayni Shamanic Healing Centre, it became apparent after working with energy problems and, emotional trauma for the past fifteen years. That there is a point when illness and dis-ease manifest as symptoms and signs within the physical body.  Symptoms can be as simple as lower back pain or fatigue to a more severe symptom of Diabetes, Heart Disease. Or even cancer.  When this happens, the body is trying to tell us that something is wrong. 

Then it is time to undertake a different approach to healing.  After many years of studying via the Andean 

Worldview of physical illness alongside the 

Worldview of the Yoruba Medicine Practices of 

West Africa, I can see there is a similarity in the way 

Shamans approach these physical symptoms in both these areas. With this in mind, I offer this following system of healing which is specially created to work on the physical signs and symptoms you are experiencing.


All dis-ease which manifests in the physical body to us in the western culture comes in via a seemingly unknown source. Though often is has already revealed itself as something imbalanced within our emotional body. It may be experienced as depression or an impassioned expression of anger, frustration, or fatigue. It is in the emotional body where physical illness takes root and is often an overlooked blind spot in our awareness, remaining there unchecked until more warning signs reveal themselves.

All dis-ease is a definitive and affirmative call for attention, and its primary message is to let us know we have separated ourselves from both the inner and external nature and the infinite and organising principle laws of the Universe. In actuality, we have become out of step with the natural flows and rhythms of life. And in doing so, our inner and outer bodies have created this imbalance, which now affects the biochemical functioning of our bodies, many systems, and organs.


Human Disease comes when there is a conflict which occurs between the lower (the physical) and higher (spiritual) self, which first begins to take form in our emotional blind spot. – It is a call for help because our physical nature has become separate from the external forces of nature, and illness manifests due to a lack of wholeness. Most people look at the cause of illness at the physical level and assume the reason the body's biochemistry is out of balance is merely down to misfortune or fate. 

We would accept that, rather than seeing how we have ingested the wrong foods or how we employ a strategy of negative thought processes, or we continue to allow our emotional state to pull us in different directions and to make the wrong choices. This attitude can isolate us and make us ill.Healing seeks to connect us to, the spirits and forces of the Universe and to the invisible forces of the human body.

Disease and imbalances affect the structure and function of the body; the consequence is that we are then less able to perform proper functions. When disease begins to manifest, the body can no longer maintain a state of homeostasis or normal biological function. 


When we eat the wrong foods and we self-medicate on certain substances.

Negative thoughts-forms.

Unhealed and unattended emotions which pull us in different directions and choices.

Behavioural Attitudes which make us ill


Reconnecting and experiencing the law of relationships.

Understanding the powers of Spirits of the Universe

Embracing the Invisible Forces within the Human body (known as The Orishas).

Health represents the most direct path to spiritual, mental, and physical atunement. Our health is inextricably connected to our lifestyle and our self-respect for the human vessel. When we treat it carelessly and callously, we are degrading ourselves and injuring our bodies as well as our loved ones who care for us and want us around!

We need to connect to nature and work with its laws, and understanding that if we abuse them, they could destroy us. 


The Orisha emissaries are energy forces of nature who come from the heavens. An Orisha is a manifestation of The Divine (God). Elemental forces or spirits that will give help in life, if they are petitioned and worked with, allowing us to achieve the destiny that God planned for us before we were born, and they dwell within human existence, as in almost 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of five elements: Water, Air, Earth, Fire and Spirit. All are necessary for existence, health, and wellbeing. Each Orisha within the internal and external bodies is tuned to one of the five elements.

It is not uncommon for an Orisha to have to wrestle with the human spirit to uplift and purify it. The Orisha are modes of vital forces that exist in the human spirit. To describe in terms of Eastern and Western cultures, they would refer to them as:

The Holy Ones – Sacred Entities – Prophets 

– Angels.

The Orishas are personal, cosmic forces that inhabit and energise the world of nature, in the forms of Minerals – Vegetables – Animals & - Humans - They are not separate but part of an organic whole.  Each Orisha has control over specific aspects of the Universe, and some were around even before the Earth was created.

Each Orisha/Body has within itself energy centres which control the natural flow of all life force throughout a system of energy channels or streams, all of which emanate life force throughout the human internal organs, its tissues, skeletal structure, and cells.

The conception of wellness is holistic, and while we understand every human is made up of different parts of a physical and spiritual nature. Each part is deeply connected, and what affects one, affects all. Therefore, what may appear to be a physical ailment because it is exhibiting physical symptoms, pain and illness, often turns out to be a spiritual illness.



PREPARATION – In Person or Via Skype

A Full and Comprehensive Consultation to access your Physical & Mental Health and Well being.

Examining your Dietary habits, Spiritual & Emotional Imbalances, Any problematic or strained relationships with your family, friends, work colleagues & neighbours. The consultation also looks at your behaviour patterns and lifestyle.

It will also assess if anyone has unwittingly placed a curse on you?


A Divination will be carried out to identify any missing or unknown elements relating to Mind, Body and Spirit.

ORISHA SPIRIT QUEST – 2 Hours (On Site) 

An Appointment will be made for you to attend an

Orisha Spirit Quest Healing session here,within the Orisha Gardens and Gardens of the Gods,

spending time in nature working with specific Orisha Forces, 

in a warm, comfortable, and private tent. 

You will have the time to investigate your inner workings and rhythms. You will begin a process to help you understand your internal imbalances and the cause of the dis-ease and why you may have become out of balance with the Cosmic/Natural forces of life.

You will be offered direction and all the tools necessary for your Orisha Spirit Quest Session, as you work outside in nature with the Orisha Temples, making prayers, offerings, drumming, and you will be given items to create fire.

A personalised blend of herbs by way of teas will be made up for you to take over the next three weeks, to help restore and re-balance the dis-ease along with a special ritual cleansing, bath potion.


An Appointment will be made for you to attend an energetic clearing process. Please be aware other Shamanic processes may be required at a later date.