Sometimes we become stuck in repetitive patterns. These impair our emotional, mental, physical or spiritual well-being. Despite our best efforts we cannot break free from limiting or damaging beliefs. 

Shamanic healing is a wonderfully effective form of healing where we can trace the root of the problem as opposed to the story we are familiar with. Andean Healing Processes, can release us from the affinity, we hold for the issue within our energy system. This, in turn, frees us from binding and negative thought patterns and behaviours and connects us to infinite possibilities, that are available to us.

However, Andean Healing specifically  is a contract, one that is made between you (the client), your Shaman healer, and Spirit (Divine Source). This contract requires your willingness to change the things that no longer serve you. No amount of healing will work if we continue to live our lives in the same way! 

A Few of the Processes Available. 

Please be aware there are many more performed for healing to be achieved


Our physical body is surrounded by a luminous field or aura, within this space is an invisible matrix. One that holds the imprints of all karmic personal and ancestral memories, as well as our bad experiences, traumas and wounds. 

These wounds can become activated to mirror a personal history which repeats itself by compelling us towards behaviours, relationships, accidents or illnesses. The Illumination Process clears away the heavy energy attached to these wounds.


Soul Retrieval is an ancient shamanic healing technique, one that approaches healing from a physical & spiritual perspective. In the realm of shamanic healing, the body is perceived as many layers as possible of luminous energy, which vibrate and act or react to various imprints of light or dense energy. (Dense energy is the stuff we accumulate, a by product of life's experiences & events) that affects our emotional, physical psychological and spiritual aspects.

As beings of living energy we access information from the light. This light is our route to Universal Source. Problem is our access depends and is limited by our experiences and our reactions to that experience.  In an attempt to protect ourselves and to survive these experiences, a part of our self leaves or hides away from our consciousness. It is not that these parts are lost to us, but it means that by being absent, then they are not lined up to our inner core or higher purpose. If we are unable to access our whole self in each lifetime lived then this is what is perceived as soul loss. 

Soul Loss is a Shamanic term used to describe an imbalance caused by the loss or disassociation of some part of our vital essence. It is a spiritual illness cause by trauma that can result in emotional or physical disease. In our modern society the trauma and emotional splitting can come from many forms such as, physical abuse, incest, rape, assault, divorce, loss of a loved one, accidents illness or surgery.

Please Note that Soul Retrieval should never be conducted as a healing process in isolation. Be aware of anyone who offers this as a one off service. The Physical, Emotional & Mental body should be healed and cleared first, before bringing back a soul part. Otherwise the energetic imprint, namely the soul part that left in the first place remains unhealed and the soul part will not return to an unhealed space.


Intrusions are often lower density parasitical beings who attach themselves to us. Their food comes from the negative thought forms we exhibit, such as anger, grief, resentment or other unresolved emotions, Or, the methods we self medicate ourselves with, alcohol, drugs, violent computer games, sexual addiction etc.  

These beings can also attach when we have been hurt by others or even sent as a projection from someone else. The expression 'being stabbed in the back' is more than just a metaphor, in the Shamanic perspective these are psychic darts and arrows that we encounter when negative thoughts and feelings are directed towards us. An intrusion can also manifest as a localised pain in the body, illness or depression. 

Sometimes we can absorb negative energy from those that have passed. In the form of discarnate energy attachments. Shamans track to remove and unwind this energy from our living matrix.


We carry within our cells and DNA the stories, illnesses, tragedies, pain and grief of our ancestry. We do this unconsciously having little idea of how old family wounds can impact how we think and act in everyday life. This is why we see patterns of abuse, incest, addiction, poor health and many other traits passed down through generations. 

In our practises we have discovered how clients with traumatic family histories need specific ancestral healing so their own personal healing and wellness can return. 

Ancestral healing involves clearing the imprint from your body by integrating several Shamanic healing methods, over several sessions. 

Ancestral healing helps us to step out of the patterns we have lived so we can walk our path with clarity and make peace with our family histories.


Most Sessions last around an hour and a half

Andean Shamanic healing is a process which can continue over 2-6 months, dependent on how much healing is required, or how entangled the work required is. Sessions are usually conducted monthly. Healing sessions work in layers, ensuring all wounds are cleared from your system.

Andean Shamanic Healing includes working directly with your energy in a couple of ways. One via the practical application of clearing debris from your energy system and two.via magical & alchemical change, only found in the applications of the \Mystical path of Andean Shamanism.


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Concessions and a discount is available for those on low-income support. Please Check before booking

A Shaman views illness holistically, by tracking throughout the alignment of mind, body and spirit. This Balance is essential for our health and relates not only to our internal health but also to our external health (relationship to others and the world around us).

Rather than trying to cure a symptom, which is the tradition of Western medicine, shamans look at the whole system and track the symptom to its source. Shamans believe that all illness has an energetic origin, which is based in some trauma that the patient has experienced. The trauma energetically imprints that person and if left unhealed or untended can develop into a chronic emotional, mental or physical condition. Therefore, shamans heal the energetic origins of illness, so the imprint of trauma no longer informs our reality or health and we can return to a state of balance.