Remote Healing Sessions & Tracking

Shamans are excellent trackers we know how to traverse the aether and track the wounds within your energy field. We ascertain the aspects of you which need healing and work on you in the aether. Remote healing is conducted by using energy body transference, bringing your energy body into my sights for scanning and healing. The process is safe and effective and you are offered the same courtesy, privacy and time, the same as you would in person. 

Basic Tracking Consultation & Report

£ 70 

When you are unsure of what is not working for you, a Shaman can track the energy to establish the problem, This service is perfect to discover those blockages and difficulties that are masking the real problem

This Payment is for a tracking assessment and findings report

 "Thanks a lot Julie, I think you have done a great job and I feel my heart and my head lighter and I feel I can reach my goal.. You are such a great person, and you have to power to make people, to make me, really feeling better and I'm so grateful I've found you on my way! I really really thank you a lot and I will certainly let you know when the baby will come! A big big big big hug..."  


Remote Healing Session & Email Report

£ 80.00 

Email Consultation & Healing Session.. Send me an email detailing what it is that isnt currently working in your life. What needs to change etc

Investments & Options

Most of our shamanic services can be conducted remotely, please ask for details