For all shamans, it is an impeccable integrity that must be present in their hearts and also a calm presence, this being a quiet force needed for healing and, in consoling others.

Creating Divine Blessings and infusing the waters with specific healing abilities. 

These sacred and ceremonial healing waters and oils have been created in a very special way by calling upon a community of spirits, who represent the oldest layer of the ancestral world and those who are guardians of the natural elements. The water spirits or luminous beings are said to be the spirits closest to God, and God is regarded as a verb, reflecting the movement of Spirit in all living things in both the seen and unseen worlds. 


These alchemical prescriptions carry the codes of deep healing and deep distribution. Divine wellness and divine knowledge and is mixed with wisdom.
As you take these waters they disperse all energies of purification. All that has been going on with my karmic issues and any issues that do not belong and any issues from the past. 

Protection Water

€ 25.00 

A powerful protection water made for daily use. Sold in a spray bottle this is perfect for anyone who works in busy offices or shops. Or who sees clients on a daily basis. Price includes Postage Howver if postage is local a refund will be offered

Floor Wash & Cleanse for the Home

€ 25.00 

A special cleansing liquid made to wash your floors with. This will remove any toxic or negative energy left over from those who enter and leave your home. Instructions also included Postage included However if postage is local then a refund will be offered

Ritual Bath to Clear Sorcery, Negative or Heavy Energy

€ 17.00 

A BATH TO CLEAR NEGATIVITY OR Toxic ENERGY. Enough for 3x baths. Instructions also included Postage Included If postage is local a refund of the difference is returned.

Definitive Forgiveness Oil 10ml

€ 13 

Uses: We can hold onto grudges and injustices for a very long time. Often we are either reluctant or incapable of letting go of the harm that has been done to us. This oil has been specially created and its blend will gently urge you to release and let go of the pain. This oil invites you to give up all thoughts of prejudice or judgement connected to one’s ability to forgive, (whether its yourself or another). In its place bringing forth a chance to bring peace and mercy into your life. This oil does not by any means assume surrender or loss of the hurt connected to the incident.  Instead it is used to free yourself from the binds of the negative connotation and how it is held within your energy and mental body...


Price includes Postage


Clearing Negativity & Dense Energy Spray 200ml

€ 18.50 

Uses: This spray has been specially formulated for use in the home, work or around your energy aura. During our present time of chaos and unrest, openly witnessed around the globe. Negativity & dense energy is a real and prominent threat right now. This type of energy can be sent or created, whether by unhappy and negative thoughts or jealousy and envy, or, even by the troubled state of the world.

When it is brought in or left to hang around in a home environment it creates and air of (hoocha) heaviness, anxiety and promotes arguments and sometimes even sickness.

Special Note: As the veils of transparency lift to reveal the darkness abound by those who wish only for power, money and influence. There is an undertone of dark energies that are freely seen. It is important during this time to be mindful and create safe and clean spaces to live, sleep and work in.

This spray will clear and re-energize all spaces. 


Postage is Included


Ayni Agua De Florida Water 190ml

€ 20.00 

The Andean shamans use Agua de Florida water for many ceremonial and healing uses. It is a unique blend of specific oils, waters and alcohol. The recipe used in the Andes is Ancient and we have replicated it using the theme of the original recipe. This recipe contains the 7 correspondences to the 7 rays. It has been made from Vodka instead of Ethanol and contains flower essences. This water can be used by healers to dispel difficult energies or for clearing the space of hoocha (heavy) energy. It is also used in ceremonial practices, for opening sacred space and clearing Postage Included If postage is local a refund of the difference is returned.

Dispelling Negativity & Sorcery Oil 30ml

€ 20.00 

Uses: This is a powerful oil specifically blended and created to clear an energy that is discordant and sent by others. It will dispel and protect you from all manner of sorcery, energy attack or negative thought forms sent by others, who wish to harm you and/or maybe jealous or envious.

There is also a secondary use for this oil… Use it when you find yourself in a negative frame of mind, especially when you feel that your thoughts are railroading your ability to attain calm and peace


Price includes Postage


Fertility Seed Oil

€ 9.00 

Uses: This fertility oil is for anyone experiencing difficulty becoming pregnant. Delicately created and intended as a support aid to an ongoing fertility healing modality. This oil has been blended to encourage the possibility of fertility. By urging the seeds of your fertility to accept the masculine sperm.

This alchemical oil has been designed to be used in conjunction with the Sacred Blessing Oil. Ensure you use this oil after applying the Blessing oil and before making love.

Price includes Postage 

For all matters including fertility issues, it is advisable to see a good healer, to help you or your partner work and clear anything that maybe impeding your wish to conceive.


See my page here at www.aynishamanichealing.eu


Sacred Blessing Oil 10ml

€ 12.00 

Uses: This is a beautiful anointing oil whose recipe originates from an ancient blend of oils taken from the time of the Aramaics. Its intended use was for when a couple joined together on their wedding night. Its purpose is to stimulate the light body, before making unconditional love.

It is also used for removing energy connected to past loves and old relationships, this oil will quite literally ‘Make things new again’

This oil is perfect for couples undergoing tantric training, or for those in new relationships. It is a perfect accessory for the wedding night, as a way to honour the commitment made during your wedding vows and ceremony.  


Price includes Postage