Wisdom & Soul Guidance? 

Life can be a struggle, with its many challenges, difficulties and tests that seem impossible for us to interpret and understand. 

Invariably some of the problems we encounter seem insurmountable and we have no idea where we should be going, what choice to make, or which direction to turn. Our apparent lack of vision becomes clouded and we have no idea what to do, let alone what our souls purpose is, or what our direction in life is. Let alone what is needed in order to be a loving and contented human being. We often find ourselves without courage, purpose and sometimes in a state of confusion and fear. 

For some it is difficult to even try and navigate the denseness of Earth-life, let alone try and fit into a third dimensional world, with its old beliefs, laws, rules and ideals. 

A reading, can reveal things that are hidden deep inside the unconscious realms of your being.

Shamans are excellent trackers, seers and oracles, who are able to traverse the ether to track the wounds and problems that become stagnant within your energy field. A Mesa reading is a unique form of divination and tracking that ascertains the aspects of you that need attention and answers. These insights are reported back to you in a clear and concise manner, along with further wisdom and guidance to help you move forward. Whether that is in the form of healing, teaching or life-style guidance that may be needed. The Mesa reading is a wonderful and invaluable experience that moves you beyond difficulty forward into a state of renewed clarity, vision and hope.

This work can be carried out in person or remotely. 

Make the first step and call for help now, to discover what it is that is stopping you from living the life of your dreams. In order to experience living life within the realms of your desired potential.

TruthSayer offers you his unique way of Seeing, based upon many lives of experience. He is a Master Water Shaman and has been trained under the tutelage of Dr Alberto Villoldo and Senior Staff of The Four Winds Society. He has received his Karpay initiations from Alberto, Don Sebastian and Dona Maria, he is a gifted tracker, seer, teacher and healer. 

He has lived many lives and holds an esteemed lineage that heads back to Atlantis, Sirius and Egypt, within his DNA. 

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What Is A Mesa Reading? 

TruthSayer uses his Mesa, a healing bundle full of Divination healing stones and crystals. He opens the Mesa in ceremony and at this moment the healing begins, as the insights begin to unravel to help you to discover what needs attention. You are asked to select items from the Mesa. The magic reveals itself from your selection, as the information is downloaded to TruthSayer. 

TruthSayer is guided by your own higher guardians as well as his own, together the required healing and insights are offered to you... A Mesa reading is a beautiful and insightful experience, you will feel enlightened and free as you leave, this beautiful experience.