Intensive Healing Days
Work with us over 1, 2, or 3-4 Days for Focussed Healing 

Here at Ayni we understand that sometimes it is important to undergo a period of focussed healing. Or for you the client you may wish to enjoy the availability of intensive healing as a period of retreat. We have been providing intensive healing periods for along-time for those of you who wish to come to experience a tailored but managed healing process.

This programme is designed purely for your own personal needs and requirements. But unlike monthly appointments we monitor you daily to see what is going on in your physical, mental and emotional bodies. 

For us to be able see you over a period of days enhances our ability to track to the source of your wounds and affinities. We are also able to deal with these issues as they arise.

We find that our intensives are an invaluable healing process. As we are able to work with you over this concentrated time, we are able to ascertain the actual source of your wounding. When you are here for a period of time, your issues have nowhere to hide...

The programme is available for 1 - 4 day intensives. We work with you between 4-5 hours a day with breaks in between. For these special healing days you will be guided by two master shamans. Offering a range of techniques and processes that will offer relief. 

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