The Purpose of the Triskele Orisha Gardens

The aspects created here contain, a Cosmic, Spiritual, Human, and elemental connection. The elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire have consciousness and are sentient. They identify with the nature energies. The Orisha are a human existence of the forces of nature.

Apart from Iyami, who are the Primordial Mothers (the 1st Cosmic, Spiritual, Human, and Elemental ancestors) who have a relationship to your Ori (head) for its soul lessons before your incarnation here on Earth. Iyami are present at your destiny, they can influence your experiences here.

These Ancient Mothers are important to the guidance of your soul. Their teachings and those of Orisha are incorruptible.

The shrines at Triskele, exist in the etheric realm and are connected via the physical representation of the created elemental shrines here. They have been created because the world is moving towards a place, where we must have more reverence to our Earth & Water Mothers. This is achieved and made possible via the Orisha Principles, via a personification of making intelligible the mysteries of nature which have existed for hundreds of 1000s of years.

While working with these energies, the communication and response from the forces of nature, offered in the language of understanding the importance of ritual in our lives. This energy of nurturing the associated nature of a specific shrine (the pre-human existence who lives in the nature it represents). Is twofold:

1) The relationship via communication and reverence and ritual allows personal healing.

2) Via gratitude and placation, we can work with the energy to help clean up the global human mess, before nature erodes humanity from her belly altogether.


Ritual orchestrates your energy to the energy of the elements, by way of creating a symbiotic relationship for a harmonious arrangement. The Western culture is presently suffering a post traumatic stress syndrome. Incurred from lifetimes past and present of persecution, tyranny and conformity accrued from both church and institutional influence and slavery. Ritual allows us to ground and centre ourselves, to feel our bodies and with prayer and thanks, helps make us sane once more while living in an insane world.

Alternative Healers and Seers

As the western culture has adapted ancient healing techniques and priest-like roles. An arrogance and ignorance have become the fore. After completing workshops, classes and reading hundreds of books, our arrogance in thinking we know it all and can summon deity and cure all is apparent and ego driven. This is an important part of our learning. As begin to understand, how to acquire humility as we must admit we do not know it all! And, we are all teachable so our ignorance can be overcome. Otherwise we run a very real risk of hurting someone else. It is only via ritual and ongoing personal work can we become taught by developing a symbiotic relationship to the Cosmic, Spiritual, Human, and elemental connections, including our biological bloodlines.

Creating a Symbiotic Relationship for Wellness

A symbiotic relationship means having a long-term interaction between two or more different organisms. For the human self, this is a necessary understanding to learn to embody all aspects of wellness within ourselves, via the 6 energies below.

There are 6 dimensions within each of us, which all interact together, knowledge is everything is energy and all energy 

reacts in creating the whole.

     1.      The Bio-physical Body

     2.      The emotional body

     3.      The Moral Religious or Spiritual body

4.      The Energetic (etheric) self, the energetic template of the bio-physical.

5.      The Bloodlines of Ancestors passed.

6.      Cosmic Powers or ruling Deity

Spiritual Cosmic powers govern the Universe, (for example Iyami, The Earth & Water Mothers, and Orisha). If there is imbalance in one of more of these 6x dimensions, we will not be healthy or physically fit. Instead there is a spiritual derangement between you and your ancestors and your deity. You will not be healthy.

The Importance of Relationship between the seen and unseen worlds

The physical world of the visible comprises of both visible and invisible worlds

                           ANCESTORS PASSED <INVISIBLE>

VISIBLE                                                                                 VISIBLE

Parents                                                                                 Spouse

Siblings                                                                                 Children

Aunts/Uncles                                                                       Grandchildren


                                        THOSE YET TO BE BORN < INVISIBLE >

The Ancestors are reborn through the same bloodlines and they do not want to be born into a dysfunctional family line. To stop this from happening, they will let themselves be known. And this is done in many ways, via illnesses, misfortune, accidents, disharmony, or chaos towards the living ancestor. In the centre of the visible and the invisible worlds is a crossroads. The crossroads is a dangerous place to teeter on, why?  Because it may represent a location "between the worlds" and, as such, a site where supernatural spirits can be contacted, and paranormal events can take place. Symbolically, it can mean a locality where two realms touch and therefore represents a border land, a place literally "neither here nor there", "betwixt and between”, yet a place filled with unresolved fears and phobias.

Spiritual derangements usually involve putting it right with the ancestors. When spirits demand something they do not take no as an answer. Westerners always want to negotiate their own way and by doing this the result is consequence. Disorders are created by some sort of wrong doing.

The work and processes of working with the Iyami, Orisha (forces of nature) and the Ancestors offers us the ability and humility of reaching out to the intelligence consciousness who exist as part of our cosmology and atmosphere. In doing this, we move beyond the known and become teachable as we accept…

      · We learn to ask for guidance

      · We learn to call forth intelligent help

      · We divine and placate and show reverence.

      · We apologise for our wrong behaviour.

      · We cross the bridge to clean ourselves up, personally and globally.

In return we receive blessings, abundance and gifts pertaining to our evolved nature.



Iyanla Bivinet Ashi

Julie & Paul

Four Classes throughout the summer months beginning July 27th 2019

Price: €130 Lunch Included - Only 2x spaces left, book now

The Triskele Sacred Groves Experiences

Introduction to the Iyami & Orisha Shrines at Triskele

Nana Bukken, working with the original creation of Earth and its alliances with the planets Sirius, Pleiades and a. A space of protection for human integrity. This shrine is available to work karmic baggage with. It is an area for quiet understanding and to be informed by the sacred mysteries.

Olokun, Mother of the Ancestral Waters of life. This shrine is also known as ‘the keeper of secrets’. Working here with the element of water to unleash those deep-seated emotions, via visioning, self-reflection and eventually letting go.

Meditation & Earth space, here is a space to work directly with the inner core, via inner reflection and self-exploration. Working in the element of Earth via our actions, thoughts and how they manifest in reality

Olodumare the Most High, Connecting here with the intermediaries of ‘Mother God’ and ‘Father God’, both benign and asexual beings. We enter the void when we connect with the inner God/dess. In this space, you call on the elements of self and nature together, we can connect here with ‘Isis’, the holy widow as we begin to build a better understanding of sacred truth and logos, to heal and achieve wholeness both spirituality and materially. 

The Ancestral Garden, to understand that there are never any new souls born into human form, only old souls return in new skins. To maintain order in the living universe, it is believed that all souls remain, within their ancestral families. Here in this space we begin to grow and reconnect to our ancestral clans.

Iyami - The Divine Mother & Mothers, Welcome to IYAMI, the space of initial creation. The Great Mother filters her energies through her tribe the Divine Mothers, as she invites you to understand how we as humans were seeded. We came from the stars and were birthed here on Earth. Each of the Mothers carries her own special gift. Who are you drawn to work with, sit within them and allow the original truth and wisdom to be shared?

Oya, Mistress of Chaos & Change, The Portal of Oya requests you to stop and be still. Before you enter through, understand in the deepest part of your being whether you are ready for the winds of change to activate. There is caution here, as Oya, creates the storms as she offers you the ability of death and rebirth

Fire & Water, Working with Fire. The element of ponder, creation and destruction. Here we call on the masculine aspect to change, motivate, inform your will, passion and creativity and purification. This space offers us transmutation of mundane earthly affairs. Fire teaches us righteousness, worthiness and asks us if we are deserving.

Mami Tyche (Fate & Fortune), Work here with injustices, misfortune and betrayal. As you work with the wheel of fortune, you begin to make peace with yourself, life and others. Working within the elements of self-reflection, self-questioning and discovery will aid you here. Working with familial Repeat patterns, illness, misfortune, betrayal

The Egbe, ‘Cosmic Family’ Shrine. Reconnection and ongoing connection to our spirit companions. Those we knew before we came to earth, this connection is imperative to our wholeness and positive aspects of our destiny here on earth.

The Apu, Stone Circle, Khuyas and stones to sit with to reflect and pray to the Mountain spirits. These primordial teachers and guides for our continuing evolution, will help us to re-discover, where we came from and where we are going. Here we work with our Mesas, at a deeper level and invite in a vortex of sacred reason and law into your Mesa and into you own cosmogony