'An Authentic Relationship is the conscious self being seen as coming to terms with being in the materialistic world' ... 
From Living Shamanism Unveiling the Mystery By Julie Dollman

How often are we as families, siblings or couples at loggerheads with each other, sometimes you really do not feel that you are being heard or recognised by your Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Sister, Brother, Friend, Lover or Partner.  

Quarrels, discussions, expectations and analysing are all part of the communication tools we use to try and get another to understand what it is we are unhappy about. Often ending in arguments or door slamming! Families can hold onto grudges or negative incidents until the grave, often leaving much unsaid or forgiven and unresolved. 

Often when we are upset with someone close to us we tend to lose respect for that person. We have problems being around them, communicating properly or even liking them. Our responses and body language is maybe one of disgust, aggression or even down right rudeness.  This energy is negative and can literally ruin our lives and our physical and mental well being. 

When you have been battling over issues for months on end and literary getting nowhere then there is help.

Julie & Paul are master shamans who hold space for couples or families to find the underlying truth to what is not working for you. We offer a safe place to discuss your issues or why you have been hurt. Without judgement or criticism, devoid of opinion and blame, Ayni is a way to resolve something that has been a problem for you or your partner or other members of your family. 

Here at Ayni we promote harmony without being fluffy bunny, we teach you how to have a relationship with yourself in the first instance, each other and of course the world around you... We also believe in disentangling expectations and changing perceptions, especially when they are clouded with incidents of who said this.. or who did that... After all relationship is about re-building trust and encouraging faith

 "The way we behave has much to do with some of the difficulties that we face today. Our responses; the way we communicate with other; how we are and act within a given situation, is all down to our characters (our own personal life script)." 

Excerpt from LIVING SHAMANISM Unveiling the Mystery