Death can be a one of the greatest fears for many people, whether its a fear of passing over and leaving this Earth plane, or its linked to the grief of losing someone you love. Either way shamans view death as the great journey home, one which never begins and more importantly never ends, in fact its continuous. In our Western world we view death as final, but in reality its just a return home to the divine.

Whether you are reading this for yourself, or for a loved one, try and remember this is a beautiful time, one that is served with honour, reverence and respect. Ayni offers something unique at this time.

The Great Death Rites

The Death rites work with recapitulating your life, making final plans, making peace with others or ensuring there is time to  say the 'I love you's'. These rites are mentored by the Shaman, to ensure that when the time of the great crossing over comes, the soul leaves this plane and makes its journey back to the divine, in a clean and healed state. The shaman acts as both healer and sage at this time, spending time with your loved one, to listen to the story of their life, also ensuring that your loved one has the chance to spend time with everyone who has been important in their life. Remember it is their time also to ensure they leave this plane in a honourable fashion. 

The Death Rites transcends all religions and is not intended to conflict with or dishonour any existing belief system or cultural religious practises you may have.

Spending time honouring the passing of a loved one, can be both healing and releasing for those left behind, especially if the passing of your loved one was sudden or unexpected. Please do ask me about ceremony and healing either for the soul that has left this plane, or for you to come to terms with your loss.

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Also Suitable for Distance work too

Ask me about creating a special ceremony for your loved one, a healing offering and prayers created in the Ancestors Temple here in the Orisha Gardens and Gardens of the Gods