At Ayni School we do want to teach followers.... We Teach MASTERS!

Are you ready to become a Master?

Welcome to the Magical teachings of Andean Shamanism

Taught here in County Wexford Ireland.
Our Primordial Medicine Journey and Shamanic Master Classes are experiential, flexible and inclusive as a range of spiritual practices that heal you and your ancestry, as you build a wonderful medicine toolbox to help you navigate your way through life with. We are now in our 4th Year teaching and our students have really enjoyed the journey with us into the fabulous cosmology of Andean practice.
Ayni School’s teachings has structure but no dogma or rigid rules. 
The Andean Qero and Incas believed in sharing and integrating knowledge, including spiritual knowledge, The Andean Path of Shamanism is about cultivating a state of contemplation, absorbing oneself into the power of Nature, allowing the life transforming exchange of living energies between Nature and humans to unfold.
As a school of Andean Shamanism we bring you the comprehensive teachings and practices as taught by Dr Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society as well as incorporating some of those taught by Elizabeth B Jenkins and Joan Parisi Wilcox.
Our intention is to offer you as Shaman Student Initiates many life-changing healing & spiritual experiences which will be gently facilitated by experienced Andean healers, spiritual teachers, and modern day medicine men and women Jules and Paul who are graduates from The Four Winds Society Class of 2005. Jules and Paul have been continuing in healing practices and teaching for over ten years now. Julie wrote about her experiences and journey as a modern medicine woman in her book, 
Living Shamanism, Unveiling the Mystery

Your journey is designed to focus on the deepest spiritual aspects of the Andean shamanic culture, connecting you to the loving and compassionate Pachamama (Mother Earth) to communing with Inti Father Sun and the Sacred Apus, through native indigenous wisdom teachings initiation rites & sacred healing & ceremony. 


 SHAMANISM PRACTICE (A CERTIFIED COURSE OF 6 CLASSES. You are certain to find yourself fully immersed into the most meaningful healing modalities that our sacred surroundings must offer.

Here at the Ayni School our policy is this... We offer a unique way of teaching that is purely experiential. We do not want to battle heads with the ego intellect and we do not offer teachings based on differing views of opinion, especially when someone is looking to win a point until proved otherwise. Everything we offer will be experienced via the physical, psychological, emotional and the spiritual. 

We offer you a safe, warm space where you can openly share your story, during class forum and talking circle. We also offer you peace and privacy if that too is what you wish. There will never be any times where you are judged or ridiculed for how you feel.

Our school will be the forerunner for a tribe and community of like minded seekers and souls, who are joining us to head into the mystery of Andean shamanism and cosmology.

We will always open our hearts and arms to welcome you into class... There will also be ongoing support offered via our Facebook group page...

You are also welcome to book privately for further  healing sessions or counselling with either one of us.

The Ayni school has been a long-held dream for us both to offer help, love and support during these often difficult and turbulent times.

With deep love and Gratitude

Jules & Paul xx

Please remember that the Primordial Medicine Program is a certified program for Andean Shamanism. This course is primarily offered for the shaman imitate to understand the basics & processes of shamanism, via healing the self-first and foremost. In this program we do touch on some healing processes that can be offered and practiced between classes. To fully embody shamanic healing and to be able to offer these skills to others, then we advise you take the Intensive healing skills mastery class. We also state that it is one thing to heal yourself so that you do not pass on unhealed aspects to others and then when you have completed Primordial Medicine Classes 1-5, to fully take any of the Masters Classes which are geared to heal others.

For those of you who are interested in shamanism as a way of life, using the skills and tools offered to navigate life with, then we advise you taking any of the Master Classes you choose and/or undergoing the High Initiation Rites, so that you can fully embody the experiential teachings of the Andean Masters.
Our aim is to always increase both the skills of Andean Shamanism and to offer more advanced training programs.

Ayni School of Andean Shamanism & Experiential Wisdom Teachings are created for personal transformational healing for both your heart and soul.Our teachings are unique and have been created from our own personal experience with The Four Winds Society, where we were taught by Alberto Villoldo and Linda Fitch between 2003 & 2005. As well as having worked with further Andean shamans and mystics over the years. Our teachings are developed from living shamanic practise for well over 10 years now.  

We will take you on an experiential medicine journey where you begin as shaman initiate and end as shaman graduate, where you take with you a wonderful medicinal healing bundle. 

The Primordial Medicine Path, is a personal journey wherein you understand your relationship to yourself, others and the Earth in general. As well as embarking on a shamans’ journey of exploration and release.

The school’s teachings will support you on an epic journey to help release and shed your limitations, past wounds and negative experiences. The ones underpinned by the influential yet forced beliefs opportuned by society and in some cases our genetics.

We help you to build a simple yet evocative medicine bundle full of simple practices to help you navigate your EarthWalk with. This bundle contains your own personal medicine, a prescription that will help you to promote awareness and well-being as well as introducing a harmonic resonance to regain mastery over your life. 

Our Primordial Medicine Programme is designed to be joined at any time. But for certification purposes you are required to take all 6 Primordial Classes.

When you move from Shaman Initiate to Shaman Graduate we offer Advanced Mastery Classes, specific training in the techniques of Andean Shamanism intended to help you hone in certain shamanic practises these include; Soul Retrieval & Mythical Energy Tracking, Advanced Healing Practices and more.  

Ayni school of Andean Shamanism & Experiential Wisdom Teachings also runs a Facebook group for Andean Shamanism Initiates, Students and those interested in Andean Shamanism. This space is open for all members and those interested in the mystery school teachings of Andean Cosmology and shamanism to share experiences and to ask questions regarding the school’s teachings and practices etc. It is intended as an open forum for all of our students 

We have had a long held desire here at Ayni. Firstly a desire is to offer the chance of possibility through awareness and teachings to help anyone to feel better, more connected and part of a tribe or community.

Secondly we want to be unique in our teachings and as teachers. Leading by example, by sharing our story and journey from corporate materialism to living in a 36ft American RV. 

Lastly, we want to share simplicity and the magic of possibility by offering you space to talk and share. Whether this is on this page, in our healing environment or in the safety of Ayni Shamans Mystery school... 
Our mission is simply...Freedom from limitations, 
Guidance for Awakening ♥ Ah Hoh  

The School Timetable 2018

Saturday February 10, 2018 

CLASS 1 Primordial Medicine Program

Saturday March 24,2018 

CLASS 2 The Rainbow Serpent

Saturday April 7, 2018

CLASS 3 – The Genetic Jaguar

Saturday July 21st 2018 

CLASS 4 – Hummingbird the Epic Discovery

Saturday Sept 29, 2018 

CLASS 5 – Eagle/Condor the Epic Discovery

Saturday November 24, 2018

CLASS 6 – Heaven & Earth Graduation

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What our Students Say about the School

Hi Jules and Paul , It is Beautiful that you and the tribe has taken me under your wings and given me the knowledge that for long my ancestors have been trying 2 pass on , I couldn't have found a nicer tribe 2 study with thank you for passing your your wisdom knowledge

Thank you Julie and Paul for the wonderful gathering and celebrations on Saturday and also Sinead and the Murphy's! It was lovely to be with you all surrounded with love and light blessings

Much Love, gratitude and joy for having connected to you all at this most sacred time love and blessings until next time.

Thank you Paul & Julie for holding another wonderful day with a lovely group, I really enjoyed it, looking forward to November xx

"Thank you so much Jules and Paul! What an amazing day on Sunday. I was surprised at how emotional it felt having the rites done. And what an amazing course! I can honestly say it has changed my life. I have difficulty finding words to express my gratitude to you both. Huge, huge thanks and big love, "


These Initial Teachings are run over SIX separate sessions, running from 10.30 am until 17.30 pm Unless otherwise specified

Your investment includes all teachings and notes.
A Booking Deposit of 50% is required to book and hold your place. With the exception of NEW STUDENTS, where the full price will be collected
This deposit is non-refundable.
Please Note: If you cancel a class within 24hrs of class schedule, you will be charged at full class cost.
Beverages and biscuits will be available throughout the day.
The Primordial Medicine Journey is certificated. 
Booking is essential as places are limited to 15.
For Booking and Enquiries please call me on
083 472 9056 or email me on or fill in the contact form on this page.
The Ayni School of Experiential Wisdom Teachings is located in: Co Wexford.

Contact the Ayni Shamans School


This is a lovely introductory day, where you get to meet us your guides & teachers and to experience the way we teach. You will also learn some wonderful and necessary shamanic tools and practises. Throughout the day, we guide you through the wonderful world of Andean shamanism and its mastery of healing and ceremonial practices


Letting go of our old wounds & stories, those that define our imbalance. Serpent shows us how to shed the past of old outdated beliefs and patterns. In this class we can release our affinities to pain and suffering… While understanding how, negative thoughts and emotions create stress within our energy field. So that we can walk the way of the rainbow warrior in beauty as we ready ourselves to grow a new skin, one that heals and dies differently.


The Genetic Jaguar is where we learn that we are responsible for all things and to each other. The work of the jaguar is all about integrity. It is the place where we finish with the emotions that still inform us, especially those that relate to fear, ignorance, shame and lack of love, Particularly those that are attributed to our Ancestral Gene Pool, here we understand that death means dying of old ways, by facing our shadow selves and acknowledging them, especially when we project these shadows onto others. Mother, sister jaguar gets us ready to begin the journey of rebirth.


To know who we are we must first understand the roles we have created for ourselves.  We learn how our roles have defined us as opposed to knowing who we are from the core, During the Epic Discovery we learn that spirit no longer works through us, but as us. As hummingbird takes us on an epic journey of understanding that life offers us many lessons and its teachings comes in many forms.


As we fly with Condor/Eagle we attain balance through right relationship, so we no longer engage with struggle and suffering. Instead we learn to work everything through the energetic levels of living energy. Within the realms of the sacred, so that we fully understand how we can create our own reality, closing all energy drains and backdoors and burning the bridges that we keep crossing back into the past.


Here we learn how to sit in the centre, in balance in reciprocity. We take the time to honour and harmonise the masculine and the feminine principles.  As we celebrate our medicine journey throughout our own healing walk, this is the place where we surrender to the ability to have faith and to trust in the knowledge that all is as it should be.


We aim to keep our classes small and personal to optimise teaching and healing benefits. Each class is pre-bookable, If all 6 classes are completed then the Primordial Medicine Journey course is certified.


Sunday February 11 – Shamanic Journeying Class 


Sunday March 25 – Soul Retrieval 


Sunday May 13 – Advanced Healing Techniques 


TBA Space Healing & Clearing for Home and Land.


Sunday April 8 Recap of Primordial Medicine Program & Fire

Class of 2015/16/17

May 18 – Aymara Talk, Sylvia Calisaya from Peru

May 26 & 27 – Aymara Training, Sylvia Calisaya

Saturday October 27 Samhain